Flavorful Vegetarian, Meat, and Gluten-Free Chili Recipes

Did you know October is National Chili Month? If you haven’t cooked up a simmering pot of chili yet this season, there’s still time. Follow these recipes created by Twin Cities chef and cookbook author Robin Asbell for Real Food Magazine, when planning the menu for your next family dinner, Halloween potluck at work, or chili cook-off with friends. Best of all, there are vegetarian, meat, and gluten-free options. Go ahead, pick your favorite.

White Chili with Jalapeños, Spinach, Cheddar

Optional: Chicken Sausage

This gluten-free, vegetarian recipe relies on tart tomatillos and white beans for a pale but still vibrant chili. Spinach adds a lovely swirl of green, and everyone will love the melty Cheddar cheese topping—those who eat dairy, of course.

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Lentil Mushroom Chili

Optional: Ground Beef

Mushrooms are the meat of the vegetable world, especially when minced and sautéed with a touch of soy sauce. As a twist, this recipe includes lentils, which cook more quickly than most dry beans and are an economical source of protein and healthy fiber.

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Chipotle Red Bean Chili with Bulgur, Roasted Peppers

Optional: Chorizo

The smoky flavor of chipotle gives this hearty chili a warming heat, while chewy bulgur has a texture reminiscent of ground beef. This recipe is quick and easy but tastes like it takes longer.

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Black Bean and Mole Chili with Sweet Corn

Optional: Turkey

Making real mole sauce is a time-consuming process in which dried, whole chilies are toasted and ground with spices and, in some cases, Mexican chocolate. In this gluten-free recipe, we get some of the flavors of mole with a quick and easy shortcut: cocoa.

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