Holidaily Customers Launch Their Own Gluten-Free Food Trucks

When Holidaily Brewing founder Karen Hertz set out to open a gluten-free brewery in 2016, she wouldn’t have dreamed it would inspire fellow women-owned, gluten-free businesses.

Hertz set out to create great-tasting gluten-free beer with high-quality ingredients for those with celiac disease and other gluten sensitivities. Three years in, the Golden brewery has the largest dedicated gluten-free production brewery in the U.S., at 10,000 square feet. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, the brewery owner notes, and customer demand has led to tripling brewing capacity. Holidaily also took home a gold medal in the Gluten-Free category at this year’s Great American Beer Festival for Boombastic Hazy IPA.

However, Hertz’s struggle was finding food options that catered to her gluten-free clientele. When a few tap-room regulars heard about the need for gluten-free food trucks, they were inspired to open their own.

One of those Holidaily frequenters, Sara Horsman, started Dedicated Bistro & Bakery to serve gluten-free comfort food for people looking for pub-style fare to go with their gluten-free beer. Grilled cheese sandwiches with brie and fig jam, crispy chicken tenders and fish and chips are a few favorites from the Dedicated trailer. And her bakery offers something for everyone, from peanut butter cookies to pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese butter cream frosting.

Espy's Street Eats serves gluten-free food at Holidaily.

Espy’s Street Eats serves gluten-free food at Holidaily.

Courtesy Holidaily Brewing

Espy’s Street Eats, started by Holidaily regulars Patty Herrera and Terri Grenda, is a Mexican fusion truck serving piled-high nachos, tacos, burritos and more.

Hertz says beer drinkers have been enthusiastic about the arrival of the food trucks. “People love the food; they know it’s gluten-free so they don’t have to worry about it,” she notes.

Sara Horsman opened Dedicated Bistro & Bakery when she realized a need for more gluten-free options at Holidaily and beyond.

Sara Horsman opened Dedicated Bistro & Bakery when she realized a need for more gluten-free options at Holidaily and beyond.

Courtesy Holidaily Brewing

Holidaily also offers gluten-free pizzas made by Victoria’s Gluten-Free Kitchen, along with ten beers on tap, including flagships Favorite Blonde and Riva Stout, and seasonal offerings such as this fall’s Patchy Waters Pumpkin Ale. Hertz says that for gluten-free folks, a visit to the brewery is often an emotional experience. “A lot of people are in shock that they can order anything on the tap list and it tastes like real beer,” she explains. “They can enjoy social outings again.”

The fact that Holidaily is sold at Mile High Stadium and Coors Field helps legitimize the brewery’s products and brings them to an audience that might not come to the taproom. Those who cannot or choose not to eat wheat, barley, rye or other foods containing gluten have grown accustomed to limited options, so a visit to Holidaily is a welcomed change of variety.

Holidaily Brewing is located at 801 Brickyard Circle in Golden. For more information, visit the brewery’s website or call 303-278-2337.