Mooch’s Munchies, a Gluten-Free Real Food ‘Barkery,’ Provides Simple Ways to Find Healthier Options for Pets

The company advises TREATS should not equal JUNK FOOD for pets, points out ingredients to AVOID, and recommends sticking to simple ingredients that YOU could also ENJOY.

Mooch’s Munchies ( AND ), a family-owned purveyor of REAL FOOD baked treats for dogs, and health-conscious food options for pets, has compiled a list of 3 MUST-AVOID ingredients for healthier pets.

In the U.S. there are over 63 MILLION households that currently include a DOG as a member of the family. Each dog, or other pet, represents an estimated $50 BILLION dollars in veterinary visits, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and general care, for the year 2020 alone – APPA.ORG. Nutritious food and treats are the most important element to maintaining health and lowering vet-related expenses. As with humans, dogs and cats may survive on ‘junk food,’ but when food is treated as both FUEL AND MEDICINE, it turns mere surviving into THRIVING.

Giving treats is an expression of love that both dogs and their humans adore. Treats should be FUN but also offer nutritious FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS. In the search for wholesome treats that support health, there are many options; here are 3 ingredient categories to ALWAYS AVOID:


Wheat Gluten, Corn, or Soy – These additives are designed to be a filler and are
basically useless and can even cause problems with your dog’s health. Canine digestive
systems are not equipped with the enzymes and TIME to break down wheat gluten,
which can lead to foul gas, general discomfort, and even pancreatitis. Corn is a common
allergen/sensitivity for dogs and soy also has the added negative of being:


Heavily genetically modified (GMO)


Found to contain high levels of Glyphosate Pesticides


Able to form toxins, some cancer causing, when subjected to high temperature
processing methods common in food and treat manufacturing.


Byproducts and Fillers – By-products and meat-meals used in common commercial
foods are often the left-overs from animal butchering that humans do not consume
including beaks, feathers and blood and can also include expired meats and even possibly
sick, dying or euthanized animal bodies. (DOGFOOD.GUIDE)


Preservatives – Pick up a bottle of antifreeze used in automobiles and you will see
Propylene Glycol. This chemical additive is one of many preservatives used in both
human and animal foods to maintain moisture content or make treats/food softer.
(DOGFOODADVISOR.COM). It is better to avoid non-nutritive additives and stick with

natural preservatives like salt and baking soda in small amounts, the kinds you would use

for your own foods.

Mooch’s Munchies recommends sticking to basics and keeping choices simple. Real food is ALWAYS better than ‘chemically laden, over-processed fillers.’ Treats are FUN, and we should always feel good about giving them to our beloved pets. Be involved, be interested, and always be learning how to give them the best: They deserve it, and they will thank you for it with wagging tails and sloppy wet pet kisses, for many happy years to come.

About Mooch’s Munchies
Mooch’s Munchies is a Las Vegas Nevada-based manufacturer and distributor of gluten-free, real-food treats baked for dogs and cats. This family-owned health-conscious pet store was established in 2016 with a simple focused mission: Provide the highest quality products and education regarding health and wellness for dogs and cats, with personalized and 5-STAR customer service. Mooch’s Munchies is located at 101 South Rainbow Blvd, Suite 16, Las Vegas, NV 89145. – Local Las Vegas store for pickup and FREE Vegas Valley Delivery – National site for shipping and MASKS FOR HOOMANS!




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