New bakery offers sugar-free, gluten-free, low-carb desserts – KZTV Action 10 News

A new bakery has opened its doors catering to those on the Keto Diet plan and anyone needing to control glucose levels like diabetics.  Phat Keto Co. held a grand opening on Tuesday night.  The new sweet treat shop is offering sugar-free, gluten-free, low-carb desserts.

The owner, Margie Castillo, says she started her journey on the Keto Diet last August.  Her sweet tooth made it even more challenging to stick to it.  She says she had difficulty finding a dessert on menus when she dined out with friends and even at her local grocery stores.

“I would go into HEB and I’m like I don’t know what to buy and I would look around and leave [because] I didn’t know what to buy,” Castillo explains, “So I started researching and figuring out what was healthy and followed several people that were doing Keto in Corpus and nationwide.  And from all that I figured out what I liked.”

Castillo began baking for herself and friends.  Soon she realized she found a niche and was able to sell her goods.

Castillo says her business has outgrown her kitchen which has led her to open a bakery on 122 N. Staples Street with a bigger kitchen.  Castillo says she’s got a built-in customer base in the Corpus Christi downtown area.  That makes it ideal for her chosen location.  She says she’s learning as she goes and for now her business hours are flexible.  She’ll be at the bake shop starting at 6 in the morning daily, however, she’s still deciding on permanent business hours.

Phat Keto Co. treated guests at the grand opening to samples of cheesecakes and other pastries.  Her menu will include cheddar biscuits, Keto bread, pizzas, and other items.  The new business owner is planning to expand the business by adding prepped meals, delivery and offering nutritional classes to children on the weekends.

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