Red potato pulp: an innovative ingredient for gluten-free bread

Starch based gluten-free bread (formulations containing a mixture of corn and potato starch with hydrocolloids) are deficient in nutrients and do not contain health promoting compounds. Therefore they could be supplemented with raw materials rich in such components, especially antioxidants. Among them pseudo-cereals, seeds, fruits and vegetables are often applied to this purpose.

Potato pulp produced by processing red fleshed (Magenta Love) and purple fleshed (Violetta) varieties could become a new innovative substrate for gluten-free bread enrichment, because of high levels of endogenous polyphenols, namely flavonoids, flavonols, phenolic acids and especially anthocyanins with high antioxidant potential, as well as dietary fiber.

Scientists at the University of Agriculture in Krakow (Poland) have analyzed the influence of different levels of freeze-dried pulp from red and purple potatoes on the content of polyphenols and fiber in gluten-free breads. Moreover, their antioxidant activity was estimated, as well as the determination of acrylamide was accomplished in the analyzed gluten-free breads with the above mentioned potato pulp.

Study material consisted of gluten-free bread enriched in the pulp. Dietary fiber, acrylamide content and antioxidant and antiradical potential of the bread were determined. Sensory evaluation included crumb elasticity, porosity and other characteristics, taste and smell.

Results confirmed that pulp isolated from colored flesh potatoes is a rich source of pro-health compounds, namely fiber and polyphenols. It was also found that it could be effectively used to enrich gluten-free bread in phenolic compounds and fiber, not deteriorating their physical properties and sensory scores, with the exception of the maximum applied level – 10%.

“Among all analyzed gluten-free breads, the sample containing 7.5% share of freeze-dried red potato pulp Magenta Love was characterized by high content of phenolic compounds and dietary fiber, pronounced antioxidant activity, low levels of potentially dangerous acrylamide and good physical and sensory characteristics. Therefore such an addition (7,5% Magenta Love) could be recommended for industrial production of gluten-free bread,” the scientists say.

Source: Dorota Gumul, Jarosław Korus, Magdalena Surma, Rafał Ziobro, ‘Pulp obtained after isolation of starch from red and purple potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) as an innovative ingredient in the production of gluten-free bread’, 2020, PLoSONE 15(9):e0229841.