7 Gluten-Free Burger and Hot Dog Buns to Enjoy

Before your next cookout, stock up on trusted bun brands for your gluten-free guests.

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Just as no scoop of ice cream is complete without a cone, no hamburger or hot dog is finished without a light, fluffy bun.

Yes, buns aren’t usually OK on a gluten-free diet because most brands are made with gluten-based wheat flour, but you don’t have to settle for open-faced burgers or a solo hot dog at your next cookout.


Gluten-Free Bun Brands

  • Smart Baking Company Smartbuns ($39.99 for 4 boxes, Amazon.com)
  • Schar Gluten-Free Hot Dog Rolls ($11.94 per pack, Amazon.com)
  • Udi’s Gluten-Free Whole-Grain Hamburger Buns ($27.22 for 2 packs, Amazon.com)
  • Ener-G Foods Tapioca Hot Dog Buns ($39.10 for 6 packs, Amazon.com)

Are Buns Gluten-Free?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley and these grains’ derivatives, according to the Celiac Disease Foundation.

Your typical burger or hot dog buns are made out of wheat flour and contain gluten.

Generally, it’s safe to assume that the hot dog or hamburger bun you’re getting at a restaurant is made with wheat flour, which is unsafe for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities. But if you’re buying your own buns at the store, you can go for a gluten-free brand.


How to Buy Gluten-Free Burger and Hot Dog Buns

These days, there are many gluten-free bun and roll brands on supermarket shelves. They’re usually made with rice flour, tapioca and potato flour — all gluten-free ingredients.

When you’re looking for a GF bun at the grocery store, find a “Gluten-Free” label on the product packaging. This label is regulated by the Food & Drug Administration and signifies that the food you’re eating has less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten, which is safe for people with celiac disease to eat.


If you want even more security, buy buns that are labeled “Certified Gluten-Free” — these are assessed by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), a qualified third party with especially strict standards, certifying foods that have only 10 ppm of gluten or less, according to the organization’s website.

To play it safe, avoid hot dog and hamburger buns at a barbecue or restaurant unless you can be completely sure they’re gluten-free by asking the chef, waiter or manager to confirm this.

Even if the buns you order contain no gluten ingredients — say, they’re made with rice flour instead of wheat flour — they may still be at risk for cross-contamination, which occurs when gluten foods come in contact with other ingredients either through manufacturing or preparation, according to the Celiac Disease Foundation.


Gluten-Free Bun Brands

1. Udi’s Gluten-Free

A popular gluten-free brand, Udi’s Gluten-Free makes a variety of gluten-free bread products, including hamburger and hot dog buns. They even offer whole-grain versions of each, which have higher fiber content, helping keep you full for longer.

Buy It

  • Hamburger buns​ ($32.58 for 2 packs, Amazon.com)
  • Hot dog buns​ ($5.99 per pack, Vons.com)

2. Schar Gluten-Free

A German brand, Schar offers a huge variety of gluten-free bun products. Alongside the standard hamburger and hot dog buns, you can try their ciabatta bread or kaiser rolls. Most of their products are frozen, too, so you can store them for longer periods of time.

Buy it: Amazon.com; ​Price:​ $19.52 for a hamburger and hot dog bun combo pack

3. Katz Gluten-Free Bakery

All products from Katz Gluten-Free Bakery are gluten-free certified, so this brand is a safe choice to add to your shopping cart. Alongside their gluten-free hamburger and hot dog buns, they also make dinner rolls and oat rolls, in case you want to add some variety to your cookout.

4. Ener-G Foods

Most of Ener-G’s gluten-free buns are tapioca-based, making them totally safe to eat. And unlike some other gluten-free brands out there, Ener-G also offers low-carb breads that are free of any wheat, rye or barley.

Buy It

  • Hamburger buns​ ($14.19 for 2 packs, Amazon.com)
  • Hot dog buns​ ($39.10 for 6 packs, Amazon.com)

5. Rudi’s Gluten-Free

Best known for its gluten-free bread, Rudi’s also makes standard hamburger buns ​and​ brioche buns for a more decadent, fluffy feel.

6. Smart Baking Company

The Smart Baking Company makes low-sugar, low-carb bread products, including gluten-free buns. Their Smartbuns are not only gluten-free but keto-friendly as well, so you get to enjoy a lower-carb burger.

Buy it:Amazon.com; ​Price: ​$39.99 for 4 boxes of burger buns

7. Kinnikinnick

Kinnikinnick offers a broad array of gluten-free products, including buns, cookies, waffles and baking mixes. So, if you’re planning to host a gluten-free meal, you can stock up on a bunch of must-haves right on their website.