Does Gluten-Free Always Taste Like It? Not at This Bakery! – NBC Southern California

When you hear the words “gluten-free”, your first thought most likely along the lines of something like “that tastes like cardboard.”

But Lavender Lane Baking Co. in Costa Mesa is proving that gluten-free can be delicious with their decadent desserts and treats.

Founders Christine Bren and Sarah Butler were friends for 20 years when both their families began struggling with autoimmune disorders like type 1 diabetes and celiac disease. That’s when they knew their lifestyles needed an overhaul.

Both families changed their eating habits, but it wasn’t easy to find special treats they could eat. 

Toni Guinyard

“We just wanted a chocolate chip cookie sometimes,” said Bren. “I thought we wanted to stay on our wellness goal so I started baking with the ingredients I could have.”  

Bren began baking in her free time to find healthy alternatives to sugary sweets and gooey goodness that her new healthy eating plan wouldn’t allow. Her family and friends loved it. 

“It tasted so good to my family and others we thought, ‘we should put it out there for other people with similar wellness goals,'” said Bren.   

The duo officially started the company in 2018 with the goal of making sure people could indulge in their favorite treats without straying from their wellness plans. 

All the indulgent treats are gluten-free, grain-free and paleo friendly with keto and vegan options as well. 

The bakery is known for their dark chocolate brownies, cinnamon almond granola, sandwich bread and of course the classic chocolate chip cookie. 

Lavender Lane ships anywhere in the United States if you are looking for the perfect care package or some gluten-free treats. 

For more information visit their website