Our Top 10 Gluten-Free Plant-Based Recipes From September 2019!

Sometimes being plant-based and gluten-free can be a struggle. So, here are ten recipes that are both gluten-free and plant-based from September! They’re colorful and delicious, so give them a try! Don’t forget to check out these recipes and many others on the Food Monster App!

1. 5-Ingredient Chia Pudding 

Vegan 5-Ingredient Chia Pudding

Source: 5-Ingredient Chia Pudding


Here is a basic 5-Ingredient Chia Pudding by Petra Vogel that is absolutely delicious and so easy to make! Just combine the ingredients and put in the fridge overnight. Easy as that. Chia pudding is a great breakfast for busy mornings when you don’t have time to make a breakfast or sit down to eat one.

2. Chocolate Coffee Cake 

Vegan Chocolate Coffee Cake

Source: Chocolate Coffee Cake

Calling all coffee + choc fans everywhere! This Chocolate Coffee Cake by Holly Jade combines coffee and chocolate to create a decadent chocolate coffee cake with a light coffee buttercream frosting, a latte cream filling, and a dark chocolate drizzle. The chocolate cake is light, crumbly, moist, and just perfect!

3. Mint Matcha Ice Cream 

Vegan Mint Matcha Ice Cream

Source: Mint Matcha Ice Cream

Sugar-free, dairy-free, and made with just 5 ingredients, this Mint Matcha Ice Cream by Natalie Martin MS, RD and Lexie Staten MS, RD is a prefect creamy treat for mint chocolate chip lovers. Mint is full of nutrients. It’s actually one of the most antioxidant-packed herbs. And bonus – it also may help with digestion.

4. Fig and Almond Bars 

Vegan Fig and Almond Bars

Source: Fig and Almond Bars

These Fig and Almond Bars by Sara Oliveira are so tasty and easy to make! You can make them gluten-free if you use gluten-free oats and refined sugar-free if you use stevia! They are the perfect snacks, but also would be nice as a sweet after-dinner treat. Make them on Sunday, so you can have them ready for the week.

5. Cauliflower Scramble With Asparagus and Avocado 

Vegan Cauliflower Scramble With Asparagus and Avocado

Source: Cauliflower Scramble With Asparagus and Avocado


Cauliflower scramble? For vegans, the Cauliflower Scramble With Asparagus and Avocado by Lisa Dawn Angerame is the quintessential breakfast dish. But, it doesn’t always have to be about tofu. Really, any vegetable could work. And cauliflower is a great alternative. This cauliflower scramble is a delicious twist on a vegan classic.

6. Butternut Squash Black Bean Enchiladas 

Vegan Butternut Squash Black Bean Enchiladas

Source: Butternut Squash Black Bean Enchiladas


These Butternut Squash Black Bean Enchiladas by Kaylee Pauley completely hit the spot! The natural sweetness of the roasted butternut squash perfectly balances the savoriness of the beans, onions, and garlic. Then the flavors really come alive as the veggies meld with the Mexican spices and vegan cheddar. Let’s be honest, more than one spoonful disappears before ever making it to the tortillas.

7. Raw Carrot-Orange Cupcakes With Coconut Cream 

Vegan Raw Carrot-Orange Cupcakes With Coconut Cream

Source: Raw Carrot-Orange Cupcakes With Coconut Cream

These Raw Carrot-Orange Cupcakes With Coconut Cream by Adam Graczynski are a burst of fresh, citrusy goodness that is perfect for spring! The “cupcake” is made from sweet, sticky dates, orange, warm spices, coconut, and carrot and they’re topped with whipped coconut cream.

8. Cakey Pancakes 

Vegan Cakey Pancakes

Source: Cakey Pancakes


This Cakey Pancakes by Agnes Potier-Murphy really evokes the fluffiness and taste of a cake more than it does a pancake. After all, the term “pancakes” was coined because they’re a cross between crepes and cakes, but these vegan pancakes are even more cakey than that. These airy little delights are gluten-free and make use of leftover oat pulp, which is always a plus if you’re someone who makes a lot of home-made plant-based milk!

9. Glow Buns Energy Balls 

Vegan Glow Buns Energy Balls

Source: Glow Buns Energy Balls

These Glow Buns Energy Balls by Emma Blake energy balls are packed with nutrient-dense seeds and protein from the peanut butter, which makes them the perfect pre/post workout snack. They are also really easy to make and they keep really well in the fridge for up to ten days. You can also freeze them! You can also enjoy these Glow Buns energy balls as a simple and healthy treat anytime of day.

10. Mini Cookie Dough Chocolate Mousse Cups 

Vegan Mini Cookie Dough Chocolate Mousse Cups

Source: Mini Cookie Dough Chocolate Mousse Cups

Decadent, yet healthy, these Mini Cookie Dough Chocolate Mousse Cups by Caroline Doucet are made in big part from nuts and dates. Not to mention that they’re gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free! Have them as a sweet snack or a healthy dessert.

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